What Impact Is Climate Change Having On The World?

Climate change is a buzzword which has risen to prominence in more recent years. Unfortunately rather than through conventional methods activists have protested and caused disruption to spread awareness for their cause. However one of the main reason governments across the world have been paying more attention to global warming and climate change is the weather being more and more unpredictable. Over the last ten to twenty years the global temperature has risen and there has been a number of natural disasters which have illustrated the changes happening in our world climate and weather patterns. Throughout this article We will look at why climate change has becoming a larger fight and what is being done to raise awareness.

Climate Change And Politics

In politics climate change has been brought up many times for years. However traditionally environmental activists have been labelled as troublemakers , extremists and in some cases “eco terrorists” In recent years more and more environmental protests have been staged in recent years in order to highlight the issues posed by climate change. Unfortunately Governments in the west such as the US and the UK have not paid much attention to climate change. Recently the UK government approved the method of gas extraction known as fracking. This involves a process where gas is extracted by drilling into the ground and causing tremors. This can severely damage the ground underneath and lead to larger tremors and potentially sinkholes. The UK government was made aware of the risks but still choose to approve this controversial method of shale gas extraction despite extensive protests.

In the US climate change and politics is treated with equal disdain. More recently president trump withdrew from the Paris agreement. The Paris agreement is an organisation created to mitigate and monitor the overall effects of climate change. Trump was vague in his reasons for leaving this agreement and cited reasons such as being disadvantageous to the economy.

Raising Awareness For The Cause

Across the world there are a number of eco-activist organisations that take it upon themselves to push the issue of climate change. Some of the most well known organisations are Green peace and extinction rebellion. Green peace has been around for a long time and typically undertakes non violent means of protest and tries to maximise media attention. In one of their most daring and dangerous stunts Greenpeace drove several boats into Faslane naval base in Scotland. This base is home to the UK’s nuclear submarine fleet. Several of them were arrested at gunpoint by police and military personnel. They managed to get within throwing distance of the submarines and this proved a very embarrassing security breach for the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Navy.

What Is The Future For The Planet

With the rise of eco friendly technology such as the electric car and renewable energy the future should be bright. However governments across the world have neglected these eco friendly assets up until this point and progress has been slow. Unfortunately the reality is the future remains uncertain and political change is likely to be needed in order for real change to occur.