Solid Wall Insulation

Solid Wall Insulation

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Cheap external wall insulation quotes – the green deal will help bring about insulation improvements to homes and businesses that qualify for a loan under the grant scheme. Installation of external solid wall insulation will provide better heat loss characteristics, and reduce energy bills through the reduction of heating energy loss through walls.

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Many existing homes when they were first built have walls constructed of solid brick, in winter, the heated air in the home or property can migrate through the walls to the outside, this is known as a heat loss wall. External insulating material applied to solid walls externally can help to reduce this effect. To determine if an existing dwelling is suitable for free solid wall insulation an advisor will carry out a survey to see if the installation of insulation is feasible. Manufacturers supply insulating materials in different types, and some now produce them from renewable, sustainable sources.

Types of External Insulation Compared

External rendering, and internal walls dry lining are the most common methods used.

Insulation boards constructed as expanded or extruded polystyrene boards, foam slabs, mineral fibre, rock or glass rigid slabs. Render finishes Renders can be applied in different ways, using mineral fibre mesh or polypropylene mesh for medium/lightweight renders. Galvanised steel or stainless steel mesh can be used for heavyweight render applications. Finishes to external rendering comprise of aggregate chips on coloured polymer renders or roughcast render finishes. Others include simulated brick/stone effect finish or smooth render and textured coatings. Dry finishes include cedar timber boards or concrete and clay tile systems. Others include aluminium profiled claddings which can be painted to match the surrounding environment. Benefits and advantages include better thermal management of the building, with an improvement in internal comfort levels. Applying externall wall insulation also helps to maintain a dry, stable structure, with the reduced risk of condensation occuring and can reduce building maintenance.

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Green Deal advisors can only use accredited and approved insulation contractors to undertake the work. This is a condition of the home improvement grant. It is expected that the installer will already be registered under a national certified scheme holding BBA, BRE or Wimlas Certificates
You may also qualify for cavity wall insulation, to meet the current building regulations standards. The advisor should be able to give you advice at the time when the surveyor carries out an inspection of the property.