How to Make Self-Storage in Glasgow Eco-Friendly

Self-storage has become increasingly popular over the years as people have more items that they don’t want to part with but not enough space to store them in their homes. Self-storage in Glasgow has many benefits for a whole host of people. One of the big things with packing materials is that most are not very eco-friendly, polystyrene is used for many packing solutions, as well as plastic and other non-biodegradable materials. This article will give you an insight into who use self-storage containers and how to make your self-storage container in Glasgow eco-friendlier.

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Who Uses Self-Storage in Glasgow?

Self-storage Glasgow can be very useful for a number of different people, including;

Military families – being part of a military family may mean that you need to move around a lot. Due to this, self-storage units can come in extremely handy. Giving people who may need to travel away from home peace of mind that their belongings will be safe.

Students – students tend to not have as much space as they do at home, self-storage in Glasgow can be useful for students whose parents don’t live near. Self-storage in Glasgow is far cheaper than renting a larger property to store all of your belongings.

Downsizers – if you are downsizing and don’t want to get rid of certain things but they don’t fit in your new home, then a self-storage unit can be a great place to store them until you either, find a place for it, find someone who will take it, or sell it on.

People in need of extra space – self-storage can be incredibly useful for people who want to free up some extra space in their home but again, don’t want to get rid of anything. This can be great for new families until they relocate to a larger home.

How to Make Self-Storage Eco-Friendly

Select the Right Self-Storage in Glasgow for You

When you are choosing how to pack everything into a self-storage container in Glasgow, many people choose cardboard boxes. While this is okay, it is better to try and choose recycled boxes, many companies offer 100% recycled boxes for self-storage in Glasgow. Not only that – if cardboard becomes wet, it could damage everything inside by exposing them to the dampness and mould.

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

Polystyrene peanuts or packing materials are extremely bad for the environment, better alternatives include starch-based, water-soluble packing peanuts or recycled paper towels. Even old newspapers.

Avoid Tape

Tape is seen by many as an essential part of packing, many overlook how not eco-friendly tape really is. You may not know this, but tape takes up an extreme amount of energy in order to manufacture it. Instead, you can use reusable zip ties, which are not only more eco-friendly but are far more durable too.

Recycle Packing Materials When You’re Done

If you decide to stop using self-storage in Glasgow, ensure that you recycle all materials afterwards. Many packing materials can be recycled – especially if you take the advice above and choose options that are more environmentally friendly.