Window Companies Glasgow Answer: Are Eco-Friendly Windows Worth the Hype?

We spoke to a few window companies in Glasgow to get to the bottom of the all-important question: are eco-friendly windows worth the hype?

What Makes Eco-Friendly Windows Different from Other Types of Windows?

When some people think of eco-friendly windows, they assume that they are just triple glazing windows with the price pumped up to attract the wealthy middle class who think that their spending’s will do something for our fragile world, whilst still throwing away their body weight in plastic every few months. But eco-friendly windows are so much more than that.

Pros of Eco-Friendly Windows

Save Money on Utilities

Eco-friendly windows come with the benefit of saving you money in the long run by reducing the cost of your heating bills.

Improve Insulation

The money saving aspect of eco-friendly windows comes from the fact that there is better insulation in these windows compared to your bog standard windows.  


Due to the improved insulation, windows companies in Glasgow advise that eco-friendly windows hold more soundproofing qualities than other types of windows. This can help keep outdoor noise outdoors. If you live in a busy area, have noisy neighbours or close to an airport or train line, then you could get even more benefit from these types of windows.

Safe Environment

Eco friendly windows can help keep your home warmer in the winder and cooler in the summer. This reduces the need for portable heaters and air conditioners to get your home to the desired temperature. This can help make your home safer by reducing the amount of appliances.

With the way that eco-friendly windows are designed, window companies in Glasgow say that they can also help protect furniture from UV rays from the sun. This can help prevent sun damage and fading on pieces of furniture, flooring and carpets.

Reduces the Need for Maintenance

Eco-friendly windows can reduce the chances of you getting mould and mildew in your home caused by condensation. Their design with a glass layer can also help reduce watermarks or dirt growing on them.

Windows Companies Glasgow Tell You the Cons of Eco-Friendly Windows

All Windows Need to Be Replaced

One of the biggest (and in our opinion only) cons is that to get the full effects of eco-friendly windows, windows companies in Glasgow suggest getting all windows done at the same time. If not, you will be investing in a lot of your money but your whole home won’t be insulated to the same level, meaning that you will still be losing a dramatic amount of heat.


Due to all of the windows in your property needing to be replaced to get the full effect of eco-friendly windows, it may require quite a large investment. It will likely come as no shock that eco-friendly windows cost more than regular double glazing. This con can actually be a pro when you consider that, in the long run, you will actually be saving money.

Quality: You Get What You Pay for

This isn’t necessarily a con but if you go for the lower end of the price scale you’re not going to get the same quality as you would at the higher end, which shouldn’t really come as much of a shock.