What Is Dry Rot Treatment And Why Is It Important?

Dry rot treatment is the treatment of dry rot within a property and in this article we will determine why dry rot treatment is important and what effect dry rot can have on a property.

dry rot treatment

What Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a form of decay that typically affects properties that are made primarily of wood. The process of dry rot begins when damp has affected a property and can lead to the weakening of the structure overall and in the most serious cases eventual collapse. Dry rot if left untreated can be very difficult to overcome and could lead to a property becoming uninhabitable.

dry rot treatment

Preventing Dry Rot

In order to prevent dry rot there are a number of measures that you can take to prevent it from occurring in the first place. One of the best measures that can be taken to prevent the development of dry rot is the installation of double glazing windows. Double glazing windows can help to insulate the property and reduce the likelihood of damp or condensation build up overall. As well as preventing the build up of damp and condensation double glazing windows can also act as an insulator which means that they can retain heat well and reduce heat loss from a property.

Another way in which dry rot could be prevented is through wall insulation. Additional wall insulation can help to prevent any damp or condensation building up within a property and this overall reduces the chance of damp occurring within a property. As well as applying insulation to a property there are a number of important daily tasks which you can do which can reduce the likelihood of dry rot overall.

dry rot treatment

One of the best daily tasks which can be performed is ventilating a property. Ventilating a property is essential to ensure that air is circulated and moisture can be removed from a property as well as humidity. Failure to properly ventilate a property can lead to the build up of mould and excess moisture. After mould and moisture has established itself this can eventually lead to the build up of dry rot.

Treating Dry Rot

Dry rot treatment can be a daunting and complex task. As dry rot can directly impact the overall structural stability of your property it is best that tackling any traces of dry rot is left to professionals who have years of experience dealing with the problem. Unless you have years of experience in the property industry and a good working knowledge of dry rot treating it yourself would be a risky task to undertake.

One way in which you can negate the need for treatment of dry rot is establishing that there id dry rot before it becomes too serious an issue. One of the ways in which this can be done is through a property survey. A property survey can identify any issues there are with a property and allows the property owner or tenant to have a better understanding of their property and any issues which may exist within it.