Natural Fertiliser

natural fertiliser

Susta, one of the many great natural fertiliser products available today, is built on meticulous research including all aspects of its production from conception through to its disposal. Over the past twenty-five years Susta products have been evaluated and tested with over 500 independent trials on turf health, disease, color, quality, environmental impact and soil development, and Susta has consistently ranked as one of the best organic fertiliser products in the world. These tests, and the use of advanced laboratory technology which is used to test the products and ascertain their purity, ensure that all of Susta’s products meet rigorous quality standards. This allows you to be sure of the ingredients in your garden or farm, as well as those on the market to ensure they provide the best quality organic fertilizer.

The primary goal of a natural fertiliser such as Susta is to produce a sustainable environment for life, both plant and animal alike, using the least amounts of chemicals possible. A well chosen natural fertiliser will help you feed your family healthier, more balanced meals, improve the health of your soil and increase the health of the plants you grow and maintain. With a variety of organic fertilizers available on the market today, it is easy to become confused about which one is right for your particular needs. With the use of scientific testing methods, this can be achieved quickly and easily.

By using a natural fertiliser in your garden or farm you can ensure the most nutrients are available to the plants they are grown on. The nutrients that are necessary for plant growth can be provided by organic fertilisers, and can help plants to thrive naturally and increase in number and quality. In addition, using organic fertiliser will save you money on fertiliser, and prevent your local water management system or other water sources from depleting its natural supply of nutrients. Organic fertilisers do not contain any form of harmful chemicals that can damage your water source or affect aquatic life. These are all reasons why organic fertiliser is the best natural fertiliser to use in your garden or farm.