Hotel Hacks You Should Know For Hotels In Merchant City Glasgow

hotels in Merchant City Glasgow

No matter if you have hotel booking experience or not so much, your hotel can make or break your trip, which is why having some hotels in Merchant City Glasgow hacks under your belt is invaluable!

Twitter offers many hotel hacks that will enhance your hotel stay, from using pants hangers to avoid gaping curtains—these tricks will certainly elevate the hotel experience!

This table offers a snapshot of the diverse range of hotels available in Merchant City Glasgow, highlighting their location advantages, amenities, pricing, and unique attributes to help visitors make an informed choice based on their preferences.

1. Override the room temperature.

No matter if it is summer or winter, the temperature in your hotels in Merchant City, Glasgow, can have an enormous impact on your stay. Although putting on another blanket or opening up windows might work temporarily, achieving a truly restful night’s rest requires taking control over the temperature in your hotel room with simple hacks like these.

Scott Mayerowitz of The Points Guy and long-term Frommer’s contributor Scott Mayerowitz recently posted a YouTube video that shows how to circumvent the temperature limits of Honeywell thermostats, the most commonly found wall-mounted thermostats used in hotels. Mayerowitz notes that most hotel thermostats only permit minor adjustments within a small range, leading to uncomfortable summer heat waves or winter chills in rooms. To overcome this, you must carefully remove the cover, use the buttons beneath the display panel, and set your desired temperatures manually.

Some hotels prohibit guests from altering the thermostats in their rooms as this could increase energy use and costs; any increase in electricity bills could then be passed onto guests through higher room rates. However, if you request assistance from the front desk, they often have solutions available that allow for safe temperature adjustment in rooms without incurring costs for doing so.

This trick can be especially helpful if you’re staying in a hotel that does not provide complimentary bottled water (although, depending on your loyalty programme status, this may still be available at most). In these situations, simply place an empty glass in the fridge for some additional cold water for drinking and washing dishes, or host your very own hotel room party by cranking up the music to 11. In fact, Ovolo hotels’ Bluetooth speaker systems may even ensure that no one else in your hotel room hears your beats as loudly!

2. Change your travel dates.

Travel can be fraught with peril. From shoes covered in mud to running out of your favourite face product, there are endless ways to ruin a hotel stay. But with these clever hotel hacks at your disposal, you don’t have to cram well-buttered bread rolls into your shower cap or use the iron as a grilled cheese maker and still have an unforgettable vacation experience.

While travelling, one of the most essential steps is ensuring your accommodations fit both your needs and budget. Hotels typically provide amenities to meet almost any traveller’s requirements, but with some simple hacks, you can enhance your experience in any hotel and make the most of your money spent on lodgings.

For example, if you want to bypass the expensive hotel breakfast buffets, get there early and bring in your own food instead. Or if you plan on raiding the minibar without enough cash to cover everything on it all at once, take pictures before taking each item from it so as to prevent accidentally double-charging yourself!

Change the dates of your trip if possible to avoid cancellation fees on non-refundable reservations; just make sure that it falls within the timeframe allowing free cancellation. This strategy may also work when purchasing aeroplane tickets—just ensure it falls within its timeframe for free cancellation! This strategy may even work for airfare tickets, depending on their type.

3. Dodge the cancellation fee.

Hotel rooms should feel like home away from home when travelling for work or vacation, so finding comfortable yet cost-effective lodgings that suit your needs is of utmost importance. In order to enhance the hotel experience further, here are some useful hotel hacks that may enhance it further!

Make your next hotel stay more enjoyable in no time with these hacks that will save time and money while making it more relaxing! From cutting wait times at restaurants to getting cheaper rates at hotels, these tricks can save both time and money while making your stay more comfortable.

Hotel stays can sometimes bring with them minor irritations, from insufficient outlets to curtains that never fully close. Rick Klau recently shared an innovative hotel hack he discovered that has improved all of his future stays—using a hanger to prevent light-leaking windows—on Twitter, which went viral with hundreds sharing similar solutions for their own hotel stays.

Another easy hotel hack is raiding the minibar without paying for it. Just take pictures before consuming any items from it and replace them when you check out. Plus, some hotels allow guests to bypass the front desk by checking in online!

4. Get a New Credit Card

Hotel minibars often incur fees, but you may be able to get around this by having hotel elite status or being part of a membership program. Another trick would be raiding it at night without being charged and replacing any items before you check out in the morning.

Create a paper cup holder for your toothbrush by punching a hole at the bottom and placing your toothbrush inside, keeping it from tipping over and spilling out onto an even dirtier floor.

Consider upgrading to a suite if travelling with children. While this might seem extravagant, doing so will allow everyone their own space and allow later bedtimes. Furthermore, suites often include extra amenities like breakfast or robes that will ensure an unforgettable stay.

5. Book directly with the hotel.

Plan your vacation around specific destinations or schedules, but the hotel you stay at can also play an integral role. While third-party booking sites might seem cheaper at first glance, booking directly with hotels often results in better offers and deals.

This hack will save your money while helping to avoid unpleasant surprises (like hidden fees) at checkout. Simply ask the front desk staff if there are any room upgrades available, slip them your credit card along with your $20 bill, and they may upgrade you to a nicer room!

Are you an on-the-go business traveler? Try this travel hack to keep suits wrinkle-free in the bathroom while showering. Hang your suits, dresses, and shirts to dry while showering (be sure to close the door for optimal steam buildup!). Then alternate between blow-drying your fit and steaming out wrinkles as desired!

Utilising towel heat racks in the bathroom will also allow you to use hand-washed clothes quickly and effectively to restore their fresh appearance before heading out into the day or night.

Alternatively, if your hotel doesn’t provide bottled water and you aren’t eligible for complimentary bottles through elite status, there may still be ways to secure some refreshing H2O. If the hotel has a gym where they have filtered water available to fill bottles from there,.

Nothing beats a well-planned hotel stay to maximise its potential, no matter if it is regular or occasional travel. These clever hacks will ensure your next journey goes without a hitch from start to finish!

The Best Hotels in Merchant City Glasgow

Nestled in the heart of Glasgow’s vibrant and bustling Merchant City, an array of hotels cater to every traveller’s needs, whether you’re on a business trip or a leisurely vacation. The area, known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and thriving cultural scene, makes hotels in Merchant City Glasgow an ideal choice for those seeking both comfort and convenience.

Our blog guides you through the eclectic mix of accommodations available in this dynamic district, from luxurious establishments to budget-friendly options. Each hotel offers a unique experience, blending Scottish charm with modern amenities, ensuring your stay in Merchant City is as memorable as it is comfortable.

In 2024, the landscape of hotels in Merchant City Glasgow will continue to evolve, reflecting the district’s blend of historic elegance and contemporary style. This blog offers insights into the best places to stay, highlighting the distinctive features that set each hotel apart and catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets.

Hotel NameLocation HighlightsAmenitiesPrice RangeUnique Features
The Merchant City InnCentral location near shopping and diningFree WiFi, breakfast includedBudgetHistoric building charm
Fraser Suites GlasgowClose to George SquareFitness Centre, kitchenette in roomsMid-RangeApartment-style rooms, pet-friendly
The Z Hotel GlasgowNear the Gallery of Modern ArtCompact luxury, complimentary WiFiAffordable LuxuryRooftop terrace with city views
Hotel Indigo GlasgowClose to Glasgow Central StationRestaurant, Bar, Fitness CentreHigh-EndBoutique hotel with unique decor
CitizenM GlasgowNear Theatre Royal24/7 food and drink, contemporary designMid-RangeSelf-check-in, mood lighting in rooms
Apex City of Glasgow HotelWalking distance to the Glasgow School of ArtRestaurant, bar, and free WiFiMid-Range to LuxurySpacious rooms are great for families.
Radisson Blu Hotel, GlasgowAdjacent to Glasgow Central StationIndoor pool, spa, restaurant, barLuxuryArchitecturally significant building, city centre
Premier Inn Glasgow City CentreClose to Buchanan Galleries shopping centreBudget-friendly, RestaurantBudget to Mid-RangeFamily-friendly, multiple room types
Babbity BowsterIn the heart of Merchant CityScottish pub on-site, historic feelBudget to Mid-RangeIntimate, traditional Scottish experience
Jurys Inn GlasgowOverlooking the River ClydeRestaurant, bar, coffee barMid-RangeSpacious rooms, river views