Driving Instructors in Glasgow Give Tips On Being an Eco-Friendly Driver

driving instructors Glasgow

If you want to decrease your carbon footprint and live an eco-friendlier life, then there’s some good news. There are many things that you can do to live a greener lifestyle. Driving is a big part of a lot of people’s lives and a lot of people rely on it to be able to go to work, visit friends and relatives and go food shopping, amongst other things. Many people can’t live without a car, but there are ways that you can still drive and be eco-friendlier at the same time. Driving instructors in Glasgow are here to give you some tips on you can be a greener driver.

driving instructor Glasgow

Consider the Colour of Your Car

You may not think it at first but the colour of your car can have a lot to do with how eco-friendly it will perform. Driving instructors in Glasgow advise to choose a white car over black. Studies have shown that on a sunny day a black car can heat up over 10 degrees hotter than the same car in white.

Practice Green Driving

Doing certain actions when you drive can result in higher fuel consumption. Things such as speeding sudden acceleration, sudden breaking and driving in the wrong gear can all increase your fuel consumption – not only costing you more money but costing the planet too.

Car Sharing

Car sharing is a great way to be eco-friendlier, without having to give up your car altogether. If you live near someone you work with or who works close to you, then car sharing can be a great alternative. Car sharing will allow you to take it in turns of who drives. Which will cut down the amount of petrol used and reduce the amount of natural wear and tear your car will receive as you will be using it less. Driving instructors in Glasgow say this is one of the best ways to stay green and save money.

Keep Your Car in Good Working Order

A car with wear and tear will naturally use more fuel than one that is serviced and in good working order. Many people won’t service their car when they should and will prolong the process due to the unwanted extra expense. But driving instructors in Glasgow say that getting your car regularly serviced is a great way to lower fuel consumption, saving the planet and saving you money in the long run. When a car gets serviced, everything gets checked, from the oil to the tire pressure. All of these little things can cause your car to guzzle more gas than it should.

Watch What Your Carrying

Ensuring your car is an aerodynamic as possible is essential when it comes to being an eco-friendlier driver. Ensuring that you take off roof racks and bike racks whilst they’re not in use will help make your car more aerodynamic. This will allow it to travel with greater ease. The same goes for if you have anything heavy in the boot, if you don’t need to be travelling with it then leave it at home.

If you are considering using driving instructors in Glasgow to learn how to drive, then ask them what eco-friendly tips they can provide for you.