Going Off The Grid – Could You Do It?

Living off the grid can result in a peace and quiet

Why Consider Going Off The Grid?


For people considering a more simple way of life, living off the grid can be a dream come true. More and more people are choosing this way of life to become closer to nature, or to become self-reliant and independent. However, one of the main reasons people may think going off the grid is the right choice for them is to reduce their carbon footprint.A quiet life living off the grid

Producing your own food and energy, and removing yourself from the hustle and stress of living in a city can seem appealing, but there is a lot to consider before taking the leap.


Things To Consider Before Going Off The Grid


There are lots of complications to think about before going off the grid. Some of these seem very simple, but it is surprising the amount of people who don’t consider the many obstacles to overcome. The most important things to consider before going off the grid include:

  • Summer is hot
  • Winter is cold
  • Nights are dark
  • Soil must be a good quality to grow crops
  • Water is a necessity

If you have all these points covered, chances are you will be able to live a sustainable, yet comfortable life living off the grid.


What Is Needed Before Going Off The Grid


Finding the right plot of land is the first issue. An ideal location would have at least half an acre of land. There would be enough sunlight to use solar panels, some woodland, an area for agriculture and a water supply.Space for agriculture is very important when living off the grid

After the perfect location has been found and planning permission granted, organising power is your next hurdle. Most people living off the grid use solar energy, wind turbines or hydro power, although the latter is rarer.

Water is arguably the most important thing to arrange before going off the grid. Luckily for those in Britain, there is usually a relatively consistent supply of rain, which can be collected and stored. If this doesn’t apply to you, or in times of reduced rainfall a backup plan may be required.  A well, nearby stream or borehole could be the right solution for you.


Things You Won’t Realise You Will Miss


A lot of people like the idea of a peaceful life close to nature, but in reality would miss their creature comforts too much to live off the grid. Could you imagine day to day life without a smartphone for example? Even if you’re not a fan of social media, could you live without instant access to a camera? A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips? Being able to contact any of your loved ones instantly?

Another thing to consider would be the convenience of living in a city or town in regards to shopping. Being unable to pop to the shops for a load of bread or a carton of milk would be difficult to adjust to.

Finally not being around other people would be challenging. This may be one of your initial reaons for wanting to escape it all, but your friends and family, while being able to visit, would more than likely be further away and you would see less of them.